Prism Cat

Your Curiosity Brought You Here…

What is a Prism Cat?

Prism Cats are fantastical fictional creatures created by PRIZMATIKA. They are ethereal cats that travel as light beams and materialize on a whim. They are cute and unpredictable. Prism Cats take many colors and forms.

Meet Theta, Our Mascot!

Our mascot is Theta, the Prism Cat! Theta is used as a symbol in mathematics to measure angles! We thought this was appropriate for a Prism Cat.

Prism Cat Mascot Theta

Coming Soon! Prism Cat NFT

PRIZMATIKA is starting a capital campaign to raise funds for launching our marketing agency! We are planning the release of an NFT project, a series of Prism Cats! This project is in the works, and will launch in 2023, tentatively by the second quarter / Q2. They will have a wide range of colors colors, shapes and personality, and each will be unique! They can be used as NFT avatars as well. PRIZMATIKA’s goal is to generate $10,000 through Prism Cat NFTs after 3 months.

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